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The Association of the Wall & Ceiling Contractors (AWCC) has been an integral part of the wall and ceiling industry in the state of Arizona since 1985. 

AWCC serves and represents wall and ceiling contractors throughout Arizona’s 15 counties.

Our primary objective is to provide the resources necessary for our members to operate a successful business despite the industry’s competitiveness. We endeavor to…

  • Promote industry needs with necessary legislation. Secure an awareness of building codes and laws in order to produce an acceptable finished assembly.
  • Conduct continual education of contractors/workforces in necessary business procedures for the production of successful organizations.
  • Represent firms, individuals, proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations who are engaged in the business of acoustical systems, asbestos abatement, carpentry, coatings, demountable partitions, lathing, plastering, texturing, and allied trades.
  • Assist our members by providing effective communication and services for the purpose of creating greater success for themselves as AWCC members.
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